A shamans morning

The sun began to filter through the leaves, bringing its light to the undergrowth.
The shaman rose as soon as he felt a change in the temperature, groggily rising from his nest in order to warm himself. He gathered a few supplies and his staff, then shuffled out of his hut to greet the dawn.
He sat in his doorway until he felt the blood begin to rush through his body, bringing energy to his still body. Thus energized, he began a trek through the trees, listening to the small feathered dinosaurs cries as they dove among the branches. He remembered his grandfather telling tales of a time without these creatures, when pterosaurs reigned solely supreme in the skies. Now he had noticed smaller pterosaurs struggle against these quicker beings.
He greeted a therizinosaurus as it shuffled through the leaf litter, busily stripping branches of their foliage. Smaller animals ran through the brush and around larger herbivores that could squeeze through the cramped trunks. The forest was fully alive as Tek finished his trek, reaching the outskirts of a village. He was immediately greeted by excited children, he allowed thier tight embraces with joy in his heart.
Older members greeted their holy man with reverence and respect, bowing towards his passing. He finally reached a medium sized hut, pushing aside the scaled skin flap to enter his workplace. He smelled the familiar scents of incense and burnt materials.
Tek-Neshal rested his staff against a post, then began his morning tasks, a member of the tribe already seeking his aid.

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