Duo to Trio

Pteris slowly lifted her head up, she must of been out for at least a few hours, since it had began to rain and was getting stormy. She climbed up to her feet and started crawling through the grassy patch, unable to fly because of a tear in her left wing.
She abruptly stopped when she heard the complaining of a little dinosaur.
"The storm won't stop, and there's nowhere to hide." Cried Mycro.
"Come along, I remember there being a cave a short walk from here." Demanded Ieris.
"OK then, let's hurry up." He complained.
The pterosaur croaked to draw their attention, causing Mycro to jump back in fear.
"Do you mind if I join you?" She begged.
"Of course, you seen wounded and in need of shelter, come with us and we can help." Replied Ieris.

The trio had reached the forementioned cave, and had already settled in.
"Goodnight you two." Said Mycro.
The other friends replied with cheery good nights before laying down to rest.

A flash of lightning struck near the entrance of the cave, and the silhouette of a large carnivore appeared at the entrance. Followed by the rumbling of the thunder. Which scared the trio, was this the end?

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