A Thunderous Relief

The light disappeared and the shadow once again disappeared. Followed by a growl coming from beside Ieris's ear.

"Who is in my cave?" The voice states.

"We are." Squeaked Mycro.

"Shut it." Grumbled Pteris.

The growl ceased, followed by the chuckling of the carnivore.

"I'm just messing with you. The names Ghost eye, glad to meet you." He laughed.

"So your the Suchomimus that runs this territory?" Asked Ieris

"Of course I am." Replied Ghosteye.

"Would you know where the ocean is by any chance?" Interrupted Pteris.

"I have the best memory in the lands, of course I know. It's a half suns walk from here. I can show you in the morning. " He answered.

The lightning struck once again, luminating the cave entrance. The thunder quickly followed.

"Well, it's night, and I'm tired, let's get some rest." Stated Ghosteye.

The quartet laid down in the cave. Ghosteye slept on the opposite side of the other three.

"What a Thunderous Relief." Whispered Ieris, right before getting some shut eye. Hopefully there are no more interruptions.

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