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Summary: Burnt-out video store clerk and former astronomer.


Gender: Male

Age: Late twenties

Group: Locals


Clerk at "The World's Last Video Rental."
Formerly an astronomer for NASA

Physical Appearance

Average-looking man in its late twenties. Has medium-length brown hair and sports a modest beard. Typically seen wearing a baggy "NASA" shirt and shorts. When it's chilly he'll wear a ratty bathrobe.

Personality and Interests

Gus spends most of his days watching B movies with his best friend, Tony, and his nights staring through his telescope. He's generally kind and has a live-and-let-live philosophy.

He enjoys playing miniature golf and can sometimes be found playing a few rounds at the local Mini-Vegas Golf Course.

Is an avid pot smoker and often deals with a Vegas dealer who runs drugs through the town.

Despite his habits, and the innumerable brain cells he's most likely killed over the years, he's still rather sharp. He just prefers not to think too much.


Born Joseph Masters, yet commonly goes by "Gus." Gus had a normal childhood, loving parents, and eventually got into astronomy after graduating high school. He eventually went to work at NASA, charting the stars and studying possible Earth-like planets in distant star systems.

However he suddenly quit NASA and spent a couple years wandering the US in a drug induced haze until he settled in Jackalope Crossing. Why he did this he won't say, only that he "saw some things that made him reevaluate life in general."

He moved into a trailer at the local trailer park and eventually became friends with Antonio Vargas, the owner of The World's Last Video Rental, who gave him a job.

Favorite Sayings

"Always keep one eye on the stars."

"Call me Gus."

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Image of Gus
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