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Summary: The fast food obsessed proprietor of the local video rental store.

Antonio Vargas

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: Deceased


Proprietor of "The World's Last Video Rental"

Physical Appearance

Vargas is an overweight man with long hair often seen wearing a denim vest and jeans with a Metallica t-shirt.

Personality and Interests

Vargas is a chill dude who loves two things: fast food and bad movies.

He enjoys cooking as well, usually inviting people over to his place for dinner. Mostly that's just Gus.


Vargas was born and raised around the Vegas area all his life. His mother was a waitress and his father a con artist who skipped town one day for owing too many people money. The debt fell onto Vargas's mother who spent most of her life working to death to pay everything off. And when he was old enough to work he took on numerous menial jobs to help his mom. However, she passed away when he was seventeen.

Vargas developed an eating disorder to cope with the constant stress, and it only got worse once his mom died. He eventually moved to Jackalope Crossing and, inspired by his love of old B movies, opened a small video rental store. Once online streaming pretty much killed any and all rental stores he redubbed his store "The World's Last Video Rental" in a vain attempt to draw in more customers.

Despite everything, he still sees enough business to stay open.

He eventually became friends with Gus due to their shared interest in movies and gave him a job as a video clerk. The two spend most evenings watching B movies.

He was killed by Trip Preacher in The Sanctuary.

Favorite Sayings

"Be kind, rewind."

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Image of Antonio Vargas
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