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Summary: Local private eye and former enforcer for Castagnacci

Freddy Falcone

Gender: Male

Age: 47

Group: Locals


Enforcer For The Castagnacci Crime Family (Formerly)
Private Detective (Currently)

Physical Appearance

Somewhat short and balding. Due to the heat he's always sweating. Used to wear fancy suits while working for Castagnacci, however he's shifted to wearing more casual attire and now is often seen wearing a straw trilby.

Personality and Interests

Freddy has a short temper but is surprisingly smart despite his limited education. He's particularly sensitive about his height, and will fly off the handle if anyone mentions it.

He is fiercely loyal to the Castagnaccis.

Is afraid of the dark.


Freddy was a janitor at a Vegas casino when he was tasked with delivering packages in his wastebasket for Johnny Castagnacci when he was just beginning to build his criminal syndicate. Johnny seemed to like Freddy to the point he gave him a gun. Freddy has been loyal to him ever since.

After Castagnacci's death, he left the Castagnacci crime family and became a private eye working in Jackalope Crossing. When not taking cases he devotes his time to solving the death of his friend's son, Nate. Which has taken him to some strange places.

Favorite Sayings

"You lookin' down on me?"

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Image of Freddy Falcone
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