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Summary: A short tempered enforcer for Castagnacci

Freddy Falcone

Gender: Male

Age: 46

Group: Vegas Folk


Enforcer For The Castagnacci Crime Family

Physical Appearance

Somewhat short and balding. He is always wearing cheap suits, even when it's severely hot out. As a result he's always sweating.

Personality and Interests

Freddy has a short temper and little brains. He's particularly sensitive about his height, and will fly off the handle if anyone mentions it.

He is fiercely loyal to the Castagnaccis.

Is afraid of the dark.


Freddy was a janitor at a Vegas casino when he was tasked with delivering packages in his wastebasket for Johnny Castagnacci when he was just beginning to build his criminal syndicate. Johnny seemed to like Freddy to the point he gave him a gun. Freddy has been loyal to him ever since.

Favorite Sayings

"You lookin' down on me?"

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Image of Freddy Falcone
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