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Summary: No longer burdened by her parents, she has a new purpose: revenge.

Isobel Vaughan

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: Deceased


Works at Mug Shot Café & Coffee Joint

Physical Appearance

Green Eyes
Blonde hair with darker roots, worn long
Small Build
Long legs
Light tan

Personality and Interests

She enjoys swimming, music, reading, and going out with her few friends when she isn't working. In public, she enjoys a good time but is usually a very laid-back, quiet person in her day to day life.

Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan have a fund put away for her when she turns 21, so she works full time to provide herself money for her own personal spending.
Taking after her parents, she is materialistic and greedy at times, always wanting more than that she is given. If she can, she will do whatever she has to to claim it. But she typically keeps these silly thoughts to herself as she knows she needs to respect what she has.

She is very interested in her appearance, makeup and such, as well as social media. Her favorite color is blue.

Isobel fears becoming like her parents and hates how similar she already is, but is mortified by failure/disappointment. When away from the world she is rather sad, not because of wanting more but because of the position her parents have unintentionally placed her in for their benefit. The kind of life they've made.

Because of this she tries to distance herself from them as much as possible, create her own personality. People doubt her true maturity levels, and because she is so young, often patronize her. She wants to meet someone who won't do any of that, who will let her make her own choices, and a person she can actually speak to without being fake or embarassed. Most of the friends she has are fake which is indeed a pet peeve.

Lies are what truly tick her off. Honesty is her policy.


Her and her two older siblings were raised and schooled in Vegas. Before she graduated they were both out of the house and she hasn't heard much from them. She is waiting on an online college for a least two years. As the only child of theirs still in the area, they have her live with them and, should she choose to move out, has to remain in JC so someone can take over their line of work.

Isobel's family is of decent wealth. Her father does shady real estate and her mother is not only a fantastic con artist but a severe gambler who is quite good at cheating. Things eventually took a turn when her father stumbled into a situation reguarding his past time of weapon smuggling and the family found themselves reaching out to powerful criminals to settle the ordeal before anything was lost. After that the loose ends were tied up and they now live in a large family house in Jackalope Crossing. But their loyalty to the Castagnacci crew will never falter, thus sucking them further into the illegal underworld that protects their name, and becoming criminals themselves.

They moved to Jackalope Crossing in hopes of a new start, if that's even possible.

Since reuniting with her once-dead boyfriend Nate, or at least something that appears to be Nate, he has gifted her with new abilities and a new sense of purpose. Though her drive now is to punish those who have betrayed her...

The entity that took the form of Nate, revealed to be the Kakabel Marcinoma, killed her when he felt her drive for revenge was getting in the way of his ultimate goal.

Favorite Sayings

"Nothing a little coffee can't fix."

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Image of Isobel Vaughan
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