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Summary: A gun-obsessed survivalist with more bullets than brain cells.

Trip Preacher

Gender: Male

Age: 48

Group: Missing


Gun nut
Whack job

Physical Appearance

Trip stands at about five feet, ten inches tall with wild, unkempt, blonde hair and a set of blue eyes that always seem to be trying to escape from his skull.

He is often seen wearing camouflage shirts and pants or military fatigues he's purchased at various military surplus stores.

Personality and Interests

Trip is nuts. A gun fanatic with a love for all things military to the point it's been rumored he eats gun powder in his cereal. When he isn't going into the desert to keep his "survival" skills sharp and empty a few dozen clips of, illegally obtained, armor-piercing ammo into helpless cacti and explodin' the occasional varmint; he's at home cooking up numerous bizarre conspiracy theories or taking up odd jobs to support his hobbies. Some of them not-so-savory.


Despite calling himself "The Colonel" there is no evidence suggesting Trip ever served in the military. He was born and raised by an overbearing mother in Arizona and was constantly picked on as a kid until he discovered a love of martial arts, firearms, and military tactics.

At twenty-three joined a local militia situated in New Mexico that ended up being raided by the FBI. Trip spent two years in prison after ratting out his compatriots for a deal. Afterward he ended up wandering into Jackalope Crossing and put down roots, living out in the boonies and rarely going into town unless for groceries.

Favorite Sayings

It's Colonel to you, pissant.

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Image of Trip Preacher
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