Image of Nodia McRoss ( aka needy)

Summary: Waitress at the local diner who is waiting for the right time to run

Nodia McRoss ( aka needy)

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Gender: Female

Age: 22

Group: Locals


One of the two waitresses that work the diner. She is day shift unless the other calls in

Physical Appearance

5 foot even
Slim but well built
Blue eyes
Shoulder length light brown hair.

Personality and Interests

Shes a sweet, down home, girl next door type.


Shes been stuck in this town her whole life..first cuz she was to young to run then cuz her mom got sick...and now...well shes not sure what keeps her here now. she just never seems to find the time to leave.

Favorite Sayings

Ill get outta here one day.

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Image of Nodia McRoss ( aka needy)
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