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Summary: Grey disguised as the leader of a UFO-based cult found near Jackalope Crossing.

Charles River Dawn Lewis

Gender: Male

Age: 57

Group: Locals


Leader of The Sanctuary Commune

Physical Appearance

An older gentleman with long, gray dreadlocks and a goatee. (Disguise)

A tall, slender, gray skinned alien dressed up like an old hippy. (True Form)

Personality and Interests

Charles is a man of peace and faith. The catch being that he firmly believes in the existence of extraterrestrials, mostly because he is one. Despite his down right crazy beliefs he is friendly and kind to all and is a steadfast pacifist.


Charles was born in Louisiana and spent much of his life as a militant activist and has been linked to more radical groups than you can count; with numerous acts of civil disobedience being linked to him. He was present during the Rodney King riots and was subsequently arrested for attempting to burn down a police precinct. In jail he supposedly met an "agent of the stars" who told him his true destiny. The encounter caused Charles to begin following a path of peace and nonviolence.

This is because the real Charles Lewis was replaced by a Grey who has continued to masquerade as Charles for decades.

He walked the earth, studying with gurus and shamans and visiting numerous UFO hotspots across the world. He would lead people in spiritual rituals around crop circles and share with people his knowledge of the universe.

After attempting and failing to stage a major ceremony near Area 51, Charles and his group of followers heard of a place rich in UFO sightings and strange occurrences: Jackalope Crossing. They soon found The Sanctuary, an abandoned mining settlement found out in the desert near the town and established a commune there.

Why the Grey known as Charles River Dawn Lewis has done all this is a mystery. Though he admits that he has long since abandoned his true mission out of love for humanity and the planet Earth, particularly that of his followers.

Favorite Sayings

"We are all but stardust, friend."

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Image of Charles River Dawn Lewis
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