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Summary: A disgraced state trooper looking for her big break.

Allison Newport

Gender: Female

Age: 30

Group: Lawmen


Trooper for the Nevada Highway Patrol.

Physical Appearance

Blonde haired woman of average height, wears her uniform most of the day.

Personality and Interests

Allison is a straight shooter, always looking to get to the heart of matters. Her father instilled in her a sense of honor and duty and both are tenants that she maintains in all walks of life.

She loves old westerns, horseback riding, and a good beer at the end of the day.


Allison grew up in Mount Charleston, NV to a single father. Her father, Richard Newport, was a dentist and a fan of old westerns, the latter of which he passed onto Allison. While stern, he was very caring and nurtured in Allison a sense of honor and duty. All of this blossomed into an interest in law enforcement and soon she was on the fast track to joining the FBI until the faithful day she was doing a traffic stop on State Route 156.

After stopping a car for speeding a UFO came to a stop over both cars. Allison insists that three extraterrestrials appeared and abducted the driver of the car she had stopped, and that she had attempted to fire on the creatures but was unable to move for several minutes due to some sort of "mind control."

Despite initial reservations about divulging the event, Allison's penchant for honesty won out and she began to tell others in the department about her close encounter. She was reduced to a laughingstock among her fellow troopers and what followed was a series of career-destroying events. Allison's life ground to a halt, her chance at joining the FBI lost and now she's relegated to babysitting a rest stop near Jackalope Crossing.

Even to this day she is know by the other state troopers as "Little Green Allison."

Favorite Sayings

"I always have faith that the truth will set us free."

"I know what I saw, I know what's out there. I don't care what anyone says."

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Image of Allison Newport
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