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Summary: A highly skilled yet incredibly paranoid hitman.


Gender: Male

Age: Early 40's

Group: Tourists


Officially: Salesman
Unofficially: Skilled assassin

Physical Appearance

Simon is a tall man with black hair who is always seen wearing a dark suit with a red shirt and tie. Sometimes he is also wearing black sunglasses.

Personality and Interests

Simon is no-nonsense and considers himself a professional. He conducts himself in a straightforward manner and is very meticulous. His years as a spy and assassin have left him with both a sense of detail, a lack of morals, and a heavy dose of paranoia.

When he's not working he is making sure his cover and personal security is tighter than The Vatican. When in hotels he often sleeps in the bathtub and rigs his bed with a mine should anyone try to kill him while he's sleeping. Ironically he has forgotten to remove the mine a few times, resulting in a few maids being killed.

His preferred method of killing is by sniper rifle. Though he is skilled enough in other means to kill his target any way he wishes.


All that is known about Simon, by those who have employed him, is that he used to work for the government as an assassin and a spy. He eventually quit and became a professional hitman.

His penchant for wearing a black suit with a red shirt and tie has resulted in him gaining the nickname "El Diablo" by some.

Favorite Sayings

"The Devil is in The Details."

"If I'm knocking on your door, then you most likely did something to bring me there."

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Image of Simon
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