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Summary: A mysterious man who seems interested in the town.

The Official

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Tourists



Physical Appearance

A tall, African-American man in a suit.

Personality and Interests

Those who meet The Official say he is eerily cordial and polite. However his presence unnerves them greatly.

He seems drawn to those who have experienced strange things in town, often watching them from afar or sometimes engaging them in polite conversation where he will ask them strange questions.


Nothing is truly known about The Official. Aside from the few who have started to track his appearances and try to come up with some sort of an understanding about him.

His first appearance was in the early seventies after a string of UFO-related incidents.

He was photographed by an abductee in the late 80's who said that all he did was stand outside, across the street, and stared at the person's home for three hours before disappearing. The person called the police but he was never apprehended.

Lately he's beep popping up in the town of Jackaolope Crossing. With sightings increasing since the events of Antonio Vargas' murder at The Sanctuary. Why is anyone's guess but theories suggest that his increased presence suggests a major event is about to transpire.

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