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Summary: Hunter was precise in mixing the drink, knowing the gorgeous blond would open up with her story.

Hunter Sawyer

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Gender: M

Age: 34

Group: Locals


Owner of the Prickly Cactus Bar

Physical Appearance

Muscular with wavy brown hair and piercing green eyes.

Personality and Interests

Works hard at making the customer satisfied

Loves to listen to people’s stories, sometimes finding it difficult not to get involved.

Lifts weights so that if he has to remove someone, he has no difficulty

Enjoys hiking and rock climbing.


Hunter came to town as a teenager when his family moved here. He like the area so much that he remained there even when his parents moved away when he was nineteen. He was taken in by the bar owner, who found that Hunter was a fast learner in making mixed drinks. Earning the trust of the owner, Hunter manages the establishment as the owner has chosen to relax in his older age.

His father was a Colonel serving in the Air Force. While living in Jackalope Crossing, he work at Area 51. Fifteen years ago, Jackson Sawyer retired from active duty and now works for the CIA in Washington DC.

Relationship with father is strained. The best thing Hunter considers coming from his father, was meeting Agent Kelli Lee.

Favorite Sayings

“Too many of these will knock you senseless.”

“Tell me your story...”

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Image of Hunter Sawyer
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