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Summary: Iconic and mysterious race of aliens.

The Greys

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Physical Appearance

Tall, with an impossibly slender build and a large head sporting black eyes. Facial features are almost negligible with the exception of a small mouth. Their skin is a pale grey, hence their name, and appear to not wear any sort of clothing.

Personality and Interests

What little is known about The Greys is that they are extremely intelligent beings with some sort of interest in our planet and our species in particular.

Everything else is pure speculation.


Encounters with these entities goes back as far as the 1800's evidently, with renowned author HG Wells even describing a potential future evolution of humanity which eerily matches the description of a Grey. However they didn't come into the collective consciousness of humanity until the 1980's where they became popularized as the iconic alien of abduction stories and science fiction.

The fact that Greys are so heavily prevalent in recent human history showcases just how involved with humanity they have become. Though even to this day their motives remain a mystery. The few abductees whom they return either having lost their recollection of their encounters.

Much like Roswell, New Mexico, the town of Jackalope Crossing proudly wears the face of the Grey proudly as a badge signifying the numerous odd occurrences and UFO sightings that its citizens have experienced. Though much of it is meant to draw in tourists.

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Image of The Greys
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