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Summary: Dirty Dan scratched an itch, oblivious to his stench being the reason others stood away from him.

Dirty Dan Jones

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Gender: M

Age: 68

Group: Locals


Gold Prospector

Physical Appearance

Dan has the very appearance of a crazy old man. The toothless, bearded man is pitied by nearly all the locals. His body odor at times is repulsive.

Personality and Interests

Looking for gold.

Dan often wanders off and disappears for days, sometimes weeks at a time.


Dan has outlived everyone in his family, which is why many say he had a meltdown. Since then, he has devoted his life to looking for gold. Many consider him a lunatic, but even though Dan is jobless, he seems to always have the cash he needs.

Favorite Sayings

Dars gold in dem dar hills!

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Image of Dirty Dan Jones
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