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Summary: The vain matriarch of the Vaughan clan.

Mrs. Vaughan

Gender: Female

Age: 38 (Really 52)

Group: Deceased


Trophy wife.
Information Broker.

Physical Appearance

Mrs. Vaughan is a blonde haired woman of average height with "enhanced" physical features.

Personality and Interests

Vain and selfish, she typically prioritizes herself over most things. Despite her outward appearance as a slowly aging trophy wife, she is, in reality, vicious and cunning and has her ear to the ground regarding most things in Jackalope Crossing, as well as Vegas.


Born and raised in a humble mid-western town, she, like many young girls from mid-western towns, sought fame and fortune in Hollywood. The furthest Mrs. Vaughan ever got was acting in a couple adult films. At some point, she met Mr. Vaughan and married him. They have had a surprisingly long-lasting marriage in spite of a slew of affairs by both parties.

While her husband conducts various business ventures for a myriad of criminal organizations, Mrs. Vaughan has become a very sought after information broker for those looking for dirt on the competition. If there is a secret, it is likely she knows of it.

After giving birth to Isobel she found that she had no strong motherly instincts, much to Isobel's detriment. The two have a strained relationship at best, made all the more difficult due to her daughter's new-found interest in the paranormal.

Favorite Sayings

I need a vodka tonic...

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Image of Mrs. Vaughan
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