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Summary: Jackson Sawyer studied the Greys and their technology, which caused him to believe he knew them.

Jackson Sawyer

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Gender: M

Age: 57

Group: Lawmen


CIA Handler

Physical Appearance

Appears upper middle-aged. Dresses well, mostly suit and tie. Graying Hair

Personality and Interests

UFO Investigation

Very hush hush about business.

Is able to look someone straight in the face and lie without drawing attention to the fact he’s lying.


Jackson Sawyer is Hunter’s father. Fifteen years ago, he retired from the Air Force. While serving in the Air Force, Colonel Jackson Sawyer was stationed at Area 51. While there, he investigated UFOs, their sightings, and the Greys.

After retiring, Jackson Sawyer moved to Washington, D.C., where he now works for the CIA. Here, he handles an operative team that investigates UFO sightings, keeping everything top secret.

Favorite Sayings

There’s no such thing as life beyond what we know here on earth.

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Image of Jackson Sawyer
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