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Summary: An alien fry cook and owner of the Jackalope Diner.

Orson Filmore (NPC)

Gender: Male

Age: 54

Group: Locals


Owner of the Jackalope Diner
"Culinary Master"

Physical Appearance

A large man with long gray hair complete with a beard. (Human disguise)

A Gordomite, a large alien race with leathery purple skin. (True form)

Personality and Interests

Orson is a friendly man with a passion for cooking and food.

He's also a good source of information on alien-related activity in Jackalope Crossing.

He is very protective of his diner and his customers.


Orson was once a tourist who was passing through Jackalope Crossing when he stepped into a roadside diner and found his destiny: becoming a fry cook.

He soon established himself in Jackalope as a skilled cook. Many in town, both human and alien, enjoy his cooking. Despite the human inhabitants of the town not knowing his true identity, he is well loved by most.

Favorite Sayings

"Comin' right up!"

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Image of Orson Filmore (NPC)
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