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Summary: Head of the Vaughan clan

Leland Vaughan

Gender: Male

Age: 50

Group: Deceased


Money Launderer
Head of the Vaughan clan.

Physical Appearance

A tall and physically imposing man with handsome features and blonde hair. Often seen wearing a sharp suit.

Personality and Interests

Leland is a ruthless businessman, calculating and meticulous. His time working for various crime syndicates has given him a keen sense of when an opportunity presents itself.

His view of his family is somewhat warped. He is very much aware of his wife's numerous affairs and allows them to continue, so long as Mrs. Vaughan remains loyal to him and his goals he couldn't care less who she sleeps with. The same goes for his daughter, Isobel, whom he's never been close to. As far as he's concerned, they are merely "assets" for him to use when he sees fit.


Leland was born into a middle-class family and spent much of his childhood in school. His desire was to rise up out of his family's self-imposed poverty and make something of himself. He eventually became a successful businessman which eventually led to him getting in bed with the Castagnaccis, whom he began to launder money for through a number of shell companies.

He married Mrs. Vaughan due to her connections to a number of criminal elements and continues to use her as an information broker.

He is usually out of town conducting business and is rarely ever in town unless an emergency arises that requires his attention.

Favorite Sayings

"Do what you like, but never cross me..."

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Image of Leland Vaughan
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