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Summary: A talented attorney searching for answers.

Jessica Nelson

Gender: Female

Age: 34

Group: Tourists



Physical Appearance

An attractive woman with light red hair and blue eyes.

Personality and Interests

Jessica is stubborn, a trait that serves her well as an attorney but makes her difficult to be around. This fact has resulted in her being socially rejected by most of her peers, and the social isolation has resulted in her turning towards her immediate family as a source of comfort. In particular, she is very close to her younger brother, Douglas.

She's also devilishly smart and isn't above manipulation to get what she wants.


Born and raised in a family of lawyers, she soon took to becoming one herself and eventually founded a firm of her own. Her life is mainly work, as her abrasive and stubborn personality alienates most people except her family.

After her brother disappeared the has grown desperate to either find him or solve the mystery behind why he disappeared.

Favorite Sayings

I know what I want.

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Image of Jessica Nelson
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