Image of Mayor Don Baker

Summary: Mayor of Jackalope Crossing

Mayor Don Baker

Gender: Male

Age: 67

Group: Deceased


Mayor of Jackalope Crossing

Physical Appearance

An older gentleman with dark hair and a prominent beard.

Personality and Interests

On the surface Baker is a gentleman and beloved fixture of the town. However, rumors that he is rather ruthless and amoral.


The Baker family has been around since the town's inception. A wealthy family from a number of silver mines, Don Baker was raised in the lap of luxury. He soon took to politics in his early years and has recently been serving as the town mayor.

It turns out that he is the last of a line of warlocks who came to the town due to its link to the cosmos and built a magical Mandala to collect cosmic energy. For years his family has kept this Mandala protected, even going so far as to cover up murders to keep it safe. However, the events of the last couple years has damaged the Mandala and resulted in the souls used to create it to rise up with murderous intent.

Favorite Sayings

Never cross me, or my family.

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Image of Mayor Don Baker
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