Blood Simple

OOC: Okay, so somehow I managed to forget that Leather Jacket was already dead. Call me a dill weed for missing that fact when I myself wrote it. So we'll just go ahead and assume everyone's just trying to dispose of the body rather than trying to kill him. I think it works out better than having our characters go straight to murder. Though Gus is still sickened by this, yada yada yada. Again, I'm an airhead and apologize for any confusion I may have caused.

Carson watched the other man leave and decided to follow. The ones here were involving them selfs in lower activitys and way.
After a while of following him quietly she moved so that she was right next to him keeping pace easily. It took him a moment to notice her both because he was looking up at the sky and because she walked so softly. When he did he stumbled and moved away from her a bit.

"Jesus!" Gus nearly jumped out of his skin.

She gave him a curious glance. " why are you watching the sky? " she asked

Gus looked at her suspiciously. He could tell something was off about her. Yet at the same time he also was still reeling from the insanity that had just transpired and, realizing his best friend was no doubt in the middle of covering up a murder, was in need of any sort of companion to talk to.

"It's a thing I do." Gus stammered. "I don't trust the stars. Back when I was working at NASA I saw things that made me realize... well hell I have no idea why I'm telling you this. I don't even know your name. I'm Gus, nice to meet you." He offered his hand for her to shake.


Rayne looked at the guys "Well whats the plan then? How are we doing this?"

Vargas looked to Hoffman as they returned to the grizzly scene inside the store. He sauntered over to an aisle where he grabbed a box of heavy duty trash bags and rolls of duct tape from the small hardware aisle. Then returned to the others.

"Lady," he looked to Rayne, "Sorry I don't know your name. I'm Vargas... maybe it wasn't a good idea to share our real names but... well we're about to hide a body so why not let be a team building exercise?" Vargas chuckled to himself. "Anyway, you and I will work on getting this dude into some trash bags for transport. My guess is we'll need two to wrap him up in, then duct tape the shit out of him until he's all, like, mummified, and haul him into the back of Hoffman's car."

"Why my car?" Hoffman asked.

"Cause it's the only one big enough to put the body in, stupid." Vargas said. "Then, well go through this place and do a quick clean. So no one really gets suspicious while we're off disposing of the body and the car. Then we'll come back and really clean the shit out of the place." He looked at the small camera in the corner. "Oh, and Hoff... trash the footage. We gotta do this fast."

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