Showdown At the Prickly Cactus II

Freddy cursed under his breath and vaulted over the bar and took cover as Simon fired a couple shots his way. Freddy produced his .38 snubnose revolver and waited for Simon to stop firing.

The bar was thrown into chaos as people screamed and tried to flee or hide. Simon took cover behind a pair of slot machines and waited for Falcone to return fire…

Two things ran through Hunter’s mind as the bottle of Blanton’s he had just sat down seemed to explode as a bullet hit it. Both thoughts concerned protection, not for him, but for his customers, staff, and also for the bar itself. Hunter felt that he owed Mr. Samuels, the owner of the bar, all he could give to him, since Samuels took him in fifteen years ago and trained Hunter in the business.

As soon as Hunter witnessed Falcone leaping over the bar, he realized trouble had arrived within the walls of the Prickley Cactus. Then the bottle exploded before him. Sawyer shouted for everyone to get down. Instinctively, Hunter’s huge right arm reached across the bar and pulled Jen Hitchcock-Clement over the bar to the shelter provided on the other side. His left arm reached under the bar, where he knew Mr. Samuel kept a sawed-off twelve gage shotgun for incidents like this.

His heart began pounding, pushing adrenaline throughout his body. He couldn’t believe this was happening here, in his bar.

“Not in my bar! You’ve picked a fight in the wrong place!” Hunter shouted. His left hand quickly came up, bracing the shotgun to his shoulder. Making sure all his customers and staff were safe upon the floor, Sawyer fired in Simon’s direction, then squatted Behring the bar, reaching for another shell.

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