Life gose on

"Joseph is a name that hasn't held value to me for years. I prefer my friends call me Gus, so call me Gus." He smiled again. "You do something with your hair?" He asked, deciding to cover up the weirdness that Rayne no doubt picked up. Gus wasn't sure what Rayne knew, and he didn't want to inadvertently reveal secrets Carson wanted to keep secret. "It looks very nice."

Carson gave him a bright smile. Relief washed over her. Whitch gave her pause, why would she care what he thought of her. "very well gus" she said happily. Rayne watched still totally confused.

After settling things Gus asked. "So where did you two want to go for dinner? The diner's always open. That sound good? I'm buying."

"yeeesss lets go" rayne said. That was the best new she had herd all day.

When things were decided the three of them got into Rayne's truck and departed.

After a bit they pulled up to the dinner and went in finding a corner booth in the back. The girls sat across from gus and for the first time carson seemed less... rigid. "so... What we having?" rayne asked scanning the menu. "salad" carson answered then looked to gus "gus?"

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