Dinner And A Show

After a bit they pulled up to the dinner and went in finding a corner booth in the back. The girls sat across from gus and for the first time carson seemed less... rigid. "so... What we having?" rayne asked scanning the menu. "salad" carson answered then looked to gus "gus?"

Gus was distracted staring at the denizens of the diner. Five were aliens, none of them Gus recognized. They were neither Grey's nor Carson's species. Gus recalled how Charles had said that the town was as much a tourist stop for people as it was aliens. He just didn't realize how many aliens in disguise there were. A tentacle-faced creature dressed in khakis was slurping down a grilled cheese sandwich and making horrible slithery, slimy, smacky noises.

So anything with noodles was out.

"Uh..." Gus turned his attention back to Carson and Rayne. "Maybe a burger and some fries." Gus fought to ignore the slurping noises and bizarre creatures who were enjoying their dinners. And suddenly he remembered why he got into drugs in the first place. But he'd been clean since Vargas's death, he didn't plan on slipping now. He looked at Carson hoping maybe she would help keep his mind off of things. Though the irony of the fact that he was staring at a black and gold colored girl with tentacles for hair in the hopes that she'd help get his mind off of the fact he was dining in a room full of aliens was not lost on him.

Gus figured Rayne could sense his discomfort so he forced a smile and decided to hopefully start a conversation to deflect his weirdness.. "So what brings you two back to town? You two keeping busy?"

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