Sensitive topics

"Uh..." Gus turned his attention back to Carson and Rayne. "Maybe a burger and some fries."

He looked at Carson hoping maybe she would help keep his mind off of things. Though the irony of the fact that he was staring at a black and gold colored girl with tentacles for hair in the hopes that she'd help get his mind off of the fact he was dining in a room full of aliens was not lost on him.

Carson felt his discomfort when he spoke. She looked around and could understand why. If he was seeing now it would be uncomfortable. She closed her eyes briefly and sent him warming energy to calm him.

Gus figured Rayne could sense his discomfort so he forced a smile and decided to hopefully start a conversation to deflect his weirdness.. "So what brings you two back to town? You two keeping busy?"

Carsons face went blank and rayne froze before looking down. Clearly why they were here hit a nerv. "uh... Well... The thing is" in truth rayne was sure now she had come to warn him. Carson looked at her and shook her head slightly. Rayne staired at her hard then jumped. This wasnt right. People had a right to know or at least gus. "carsons people are going to eliminate human life on this planet soon." she blurted. Carson looked down.

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