As If His Mind Couldn't Be More Blown

Carsons face went blank and rayne froze before looking down. Clearly why they were here hit a nerv. "uh... Well... The thing is" in truth rayne was sure now she had come to warn him. Carson looked at her and shook her head slightly. Rayne staired at her hard then jumped. This wasnt right. People had a right to know or at least gus. "carsons people are going to eliminate human life on this planet soon." she blurted. Carson looked down.

Gus had been wrestling with so much as it was that when Rayne spilled the beans all he could manage to say was a flat. "...Okay." Then he looked over to the kitchen. "SOMEONE GET ME A GODDAMN BEER!"

Everyone looked in his direction in surprise. Gus looked at the tentacular monstrosity who was now staring at him.

"What're you looking at, Cthulhu??? Go back to eating your grilled cheese!"

Gus knew he was causing a scene, but right now he really didn't care. He forced a smile and sat back down and looked at the two women. "So... how long do we got? When's the big day?"

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