Do Not Go Gentle

Carson who watched gus. "im not sure.. They have not given me that information. A week or two maybe. "

Gus pushed air through his nose sharply. That was not what he wanted to hear.

Rayne sanke down in her seat.. "so soon?" she asked in a small voice. Carson didnt answer. She had been avoiding thinking of this. She had only focased on the mission. Come observe report back on the humans intellect and war fair habits. Amd she had done that. But she had also learned things that her people didnt care about. Things like love loyalty endurance. Humans had many terrible qualitys but they also had many great ones.

Gus looked around at the room full of humans and aliens. The humans ignorant of the truth of the world. He was somewhat envious of their ignorance, blissfully living their lives. But he wondered if it was so good to be ignorant. Maybe if they knew something could be done...?

"why?" rayne almost whimpered. Now that she knew how close it was real fear was kicking in. Not for her self but everyone else. "why are they doing this." carson looked around the room. "we have watched humans for a very long time. As many others have. And most find them to be ignorant selfish and distrutive. Many have faught for this land. Almost all want humans gone so that they might have the earth for their selfs. My people are only slightly different....the wish to whipe only the humans from this place... They will then come and clean up the mess they have made.... Fix your inviorments... tear down your cities.. Clean all of your pollution....then they will start life over... Only with a bit of modifications to your DNA so that you might become better.....closer to what you were ment to be...they choose this so perhaps in the future others might not have to protect earth for will be strong enough and advanced enough to do it your selfs...then others might not see you as some lower life forms... Animals really... But as a real part of the systems. "

Gus frowned and looked at Carson. "Ignorant and destructive? That's like the pot calling the kettle black isn't it? They don't bother to get to know us, then decide we should be exterminated. I'd say they're more like us than they want to believe." He shook his head and rubbed his head in frustration. "So, tell me, Carson. Why aren't you trying to make our case to your people? Stop them from doing this? You're here to study us and report back, I assume? So what's the beef?"

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