Showdown At the Prickly Cactus IV

Simon was already across the street in the hotel parking lot headed for his car. Freddy dashed across the street and stopped behind a parked, red pickup truck before firing another shot in Simon's direction. The shot caused the back window of Simon's car to shatter. Simon turned and wildly fired in Freddy's direction. He wasn't able to hold up his pistol with both hands due to his bullet wound so his accuracy was way off.

Inside the bar, Hunter heard more shots being fired outside the Prickly Cactus as he reloaded both barrels of the shotgun. He turned to Jen Hitchcock-Clements and shouted, “Call 911.” However, she already had her phone in hand and was calling for the second time today, this time to report shots being fired. Surely tragedy must follow her all the days of her life.

Freddy fired again and struck the driver's side window, as Simon tried opening the door. He was forced to fall back and took cover next to the yellow VW beetle parked next to his car.

In the brief pause Freddy reloaded his .38 and readied the next shot. "You're not getting out of here alive motherfucker! You killed my best friend! Only way out is in a body bag!"

Sawyer ran out of the bar brandishing the shotgun. He saw Freddy Falcone hunched behind the VW. Hunter quickly got behind the vehicle with him, his eyes searching for the other man across from them.

“The police have been called,” Hunter said to Falcone. “You okay?”

Sawyer saw the man behind the opened door of a 2018 Caddy, the rear window of which was shattered. He rose just enough to fire the shotgun. The shot hit the door with a great force.

Adrenaline was flowing through Hunter. He hadn’t realized the power of the gun hidden under the counter until now.

Looking at Falcone, Hunter whispered. “I didn’t bring anymore shells.” He had thought that Simon would have been gone by now, not putting up a fight.

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