Mr. Stitch Makes A House Call

Dr. Ira Cane walked into the house of Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan where he found the always charming Mrs. Vaughan waiting in the foyer.

"Ira!" Mrs. Vaughan said with a smile as she went over to hug him. "It's been too long!"

"And under such unfortunate circumstances." Ira added as he embraced the mature, yet dignified woman. He also made note that her breasts, courtesy of his fine work, were still as magnificent as ever. "We really should get together for a proper dinner."

"I know, but..." She made her way into the living room and Ira followed her. She crossed the main living area and into a hallway where she made her way until she stopped at the third door on the left and opened it. Ira entered and found himself in her ridiculously spacious bathroom where she found two men. One was Freddy Falcone, whom he knew rather well due to their mutual friend, the late Johnny Castagnacci.

In fact it had barely been a year since Ira had patched up a bullet wound for Freddy. They were surprisingly close, albeit on a professional level. In reality, Ira found Freddy to be a bit boorish for his tastes.

The other man Ira didn't recognize. But he was clearly the reason why Ira had driven all the way out here on short notice.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Dr. Ira Cane." Ira forced a smile at the man. "I hear you had a rough day. Let's take a look, shall we?" Ira got to work patching up the shot and battered man.

The bullet Freddy had put in his arm had actually gone through, so no major surgery in that regard. Though Simon was lucky that it didn't nick an artery. The crash hadn't left him with a concussion but he did need stitches for the gash in his head. Plus, he'd lost a bit of blood so Simon had to fetch a bag of O neg from his van and hook Simon up to it. He'd be held up for a day or so, the rest would require bed rest. Though, at Freddy's insistence, Ira gave Simon some pain meds so he could move about with a level of comfort.

It took several hours, but soon Simon was resting comfortably in one of the Vaughan's spare rooms.

"Make sure he doesn't do anything strenuous for a couple days," Ira said, though he doubted his advice would be followed. "If that's all you need, Mr. Falcone, I'll bid you, and the lovely Mrs. Vaughan, adieu."

"Actually, there is one more thing I need you to do, Cane." Freddy said. "I'll make sure you're paid for your trouble."

"What do you need?" Ira asked.

"I need you to see to the bartender who helped me out of a jam. He was pretty shook up, and I feel I owe him big time. Mind finding him and making sure he's looked after?"

Ira merely nodded. It'd take a bit of digging but it wouldn't be too much trouble.

Ira waltzed into the ER and found Hunter Sawyer's bed. Ira was now dressed in his white lab coat and carrying a stethoscope to complete the "legitimate doctor" image. It seemed Hunter's family had yet to arrive, which was good because they'd no doubt find Ira's appearance somewhat suspect.

"Hello, Mr. Sawyer." Ira said with a smile with a level of warmth that he had managed to learn how to fake after years of practice. "My name is Dr. Ira Cane, I was sent by a 'mutual friend' to look after you. This friend feels they owe you for what you did. I ask you to play along and say I'm your personal physician. We don't want people getting suspicious, and should they I will leave without a second thought." He cleared his throat and produced a board with some documents on it. "I've already received your chart with a complete history, so this should go pretty smooth. You seem to have a minor concussion. So you'll need to take it easy for a while, let that brain of yours recover..." He looked Hunter over briefly. "You had some glass in your ass, but that seems to have been mostly picked out by now. He went over to the IV machine which was pumping a mild painkiller and antibiotic into Hunter. "I'm gonna go ahead and request they give you the good stuff to help you relax. Morphine is a bit much, which is a shame I wouldn't mind having a nip myself... But you should be relaxed in no time."

In all this time, Ira's constant talking had prevented Hunter from getting a word in edgewise. So finally Ira stopped and looked to his new patient.

"Any questions?"

(OOC: I hated leaving Hunter behind so I decided to introduce Ira "Mr. Stitch" Cane into the story to keep him involved. I've been trying to find a good time to introduce Ira into the story anyways so this provided a good introduction. Ira's gonna keep an eye on Hunter for the time being, and no doubt it'll lead to some sort of trouble. Maybe Freddy will pop in later to check on Hunter? Who knows? )

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