Official Business

Carson felt his frustration and was fine being the place for him to lay blame. She didnt mind being the focas of his anger. "i made my case for the humans... I strongly disagree with them...i used many of the humans i met as examples...they allowed me to spare rayne in the end... But only due to them viewing her has a pet of some kind to me... My plea for the rest of the humans was dismissed....when i.. Dare i say... Made a seen... I was threatened with eradication as well... Effect people do not care for emotions that hinder logic... To them i was being irrational....this means i am 1 in some way ill or unstable and 2 no longer a effect part od the collective." she didnt waver from his eyes needing him to know she spoke truth. " i do not know of a way to stop this but i have been looking into it....i will do all i can.. All that is with in my power. "

Rayne looked up at her. She believed her. If any one could atop this it was carson. Or maybe it was juat her fools hope.

Gus felt like a jerk now. He believed Carson. He could feel the sense of frustration she had recalling her attempts to dissuade her people from wiping everyone out.

"Sorry, Carson." Gus said. "I didn't know."

Things fell silent. In fact, the entire diner had gone eerily quiet. That was because everyone was now staring in the direction of the front doors where a tall, black man in a dark suit was standing.

It was The Official.

When Gus looked at the man he was shocked to see the same thing everyone else was seeing. Yet, despite his human appearance, it was obvious that what had just entered the diner couldn't be further from human.

Just what the hell was this guy then? Gus wondered.

The Official slowly approached the table where Gus, Carson, and Rayne were sitting at and regarded them with the most obvious fake smile any of them had ever seen.

"I believe it's time we discussed the issue at hand." The Official said.

"It's clear you've been up to something." Gus said. "Getting me to see Charles, opening my eyes to The Truth. The question is: why?"

"Because we have the same goals, despite what your friend, Carson here, and Charles have said I am not the enemy here. I wish to see that the eradication of your species is prevented, just as much as you. Which is why I have... maneuvered you all to this point." The Official explained.

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