" is a space study program is it not?" she asked. " what did you learn there that made you weary of the stares?" she asked not like she thought he was crazy but not like she believed him either. More like she just wanted to hear what he had to say.

Gus was initially hesitant to share his story with someone he'd just met. If only because he knew she'd most likely think he was nuts. But he wasn't too worried about what other people thought, most people in town had stranger beliefs than he.

"I was an astronomer. Studied stars, looked for earth-like planets, that sort of stuff. But one day something appeared in my telescope. Now... you're probably thinking it was an alien ship or something. But it wasn't. It was the corpse of a massive alien being! A creature so vast it had moons orbiting it! I don't know what it was. Some sort of ancient being, maybe the remains of an ancient god? Who knows. But soon the government was covering up the whole thing. The images were confiscated, and I was told never to divulge what I saw. Of course, no one would believe me, so I never really bothered. But now... knowing things like that lurk out there... I can't help but keep one eye on the stars..." He looked up at the stars again. "You never know what's lurking out there..."

Rayne nodded and got to work after lots of hard work she slouched against the counter sweat rolling down her face and a sponge in her hands " thats the last of it" she said looking at the spot on the floor were blood had once been.

"Good," Vargas wiped the sweat from his brow, "Now... we need to drive the dead dude's car out into the desert. I know an old abandoned mine we can hide the car." He looked to Rayne. "Do you mind driving the dead dude's car? Just follow us in Hoffman's car and we'll get rid of the body and the car in the mine."

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