"Pleased to meet you," Charles said, extending his four-fingered hand to the man. "I'm Charles. At least that's been my name for several decades. What do I owe the pleasure of your visit?"

Jackson looked at the being before him. Most ignorant people would refer to him as a creature. But Jackson knew the Greys were intelligent beings.

Excitement was unnatural for Jackson. He usually kept a very calm demeanor. However, this meeting caused Jackson to almost come out of his skin. Inwardly, he snickered at that feeling, because Charles Rivers Dawn Lewis actually came out of his skin to meet him.

Jackson extended his hand, grasping the four-fingered hand. “I knew it!” he exclaimed. “There has to be an explanation to the change that Mr. Lewis experiences. Logically, with the compound you have here, I surmised that you were a Grey.”

Jackson was beside himself. This was the first he had met a Grey outside of Area 51.

“May I ask,” Jackson cautiously inquired, “are all of you Greys?”


"I wanted to wish you good luck on your future endeavors." Milo said. "And to let you know that, while you've decided to leave us, you're family. You need help, you give me a call."

"If that's the case, mind grabbing a broom?" Freddy joked.

Milo chuckled and stood up. "You take care, Falcone."

Hunter Sawyer came into entered the Prickly Cactus, followed by Jen Hitchcock-Clement, who he had hired to manage the servers. She jumped at the chance. Since her unappreciative husband worked days, he could put up with the kids in the evenings while she worked. It was win-win for her. Hunter saw it as a way to show her that good things happen too.

As soon as they entered and saw the two goons with a third man, Hunter tensed as the first thing entering his mind was that someone sent a follow-up to the man from the other evening.

Looking to Freddy, Hunter asked, “Is everything okay?”

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