Road To Salvation

Carson looked at him And gus. Rayne sat up suddenly filled with hope. It seemed they had a Ally. "can you stop them?...can you help?" rayne asked excited.

The Official looked at her and shrugged. "I do not know. However, I have been trying to do so for some time now. And I will need your help to stop them."

"What do we need to do?" Gus asked.

"First, you will need to find some people..."


Several Days Earlier

State Trooper Allison Newport sat in front of Isobel Vaughan as the two shared their stories of alien encounters at the Jackalope Diner.

As they talked about UFO's Allison couldn't help but notice something strange. "You ever notice how a lot of these UFO's seem to be seen in and around the town of Jackalope Crossing? It's like they're attracted to the place..."

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