Revelations II

[i]Charles shrugged. "Depends by who you mean 'all.' If you mean everyone in the Sanctuary, then no. I'm the only Grey, the rest are human. If you mean every alien masquerading as a human in Jackalope Crossing? Again, no. Some are different races. Last I checked, about a third of the people in the town are some sort of alien. And that's just the people who live here, that doesn't count the 'tourists' who pass through."

Charles knew that Jackson wasn't fully in the know regarding the state of things in Jackalope Crossing. The US Government, along with the rest of the world's governments, knew very little about the true situation Earth found itself in. But events were now in motion that would change all that.[\i]

A third? What drew these aliens to Jackalope Crossing? If it were the cult, Jackson thought they would be here. And, what exactly did Charles mean by “some sort of alien?”

Jackson always believed that if their were Greys out there, there was always the possibility of others. So others were here. How many? And what was their purpose? Many questions such as these swirled in Jackson’s brain.

Looking at Charles he brought forth the only logical question. “Are we in danger?”


[i]"Alright..." Freddy shrugged and took a seat at one of the nearby tables. "So I'm sure you already figured something was up with me." He looked to Hunter when he said this. "But now I'm gonna lay it out straight for ya. I worked for the Castagnacci crime family. I was friends with Johnny Castagnacci. But now that he's dead I don't see much point in carrying on with that life. I intend to go straight. And with my 'work experience' a PI seems the best fit."

Freddy looked to the duffel bag. "That will be the last you will ever have to see of the Castagnaccis. As my new partner, I promise you that."[\i]

When Milo said the name Castagnacci, both Jen and Hunter’s eyes grew wide. Hunter knew that Freddy had a dark side, but hadn’t realized just how far it had reached. What had he gotten into?

Jen Hitchcock-Clement, who didn’t see much good in anything, ran to the back kitchen, muttering, “Oh my God! Oh my God! I left my job to get mixed up in the mob!”

Hunter looked to Freddy. For some reason, he believed the man to be sincere and trusted him. He had heard that if you were on the good side of the mob, they were extremely loyal. Freddy seemed to want to be on the right side of the law.

Hunter chuckled at Jen after she went into the back. “Don’t mind her; she’ll come around. So...what next?” he asked with arms opened.

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