The Grand Reopening

Hunter took a look around his bar. His bar. He had used the term before, but inside he knew that he he was only managing it for someone else. Now it was different. It really was his.

The new juke box was a modern one with a computer memory, which could store much more songs. Hunter ensured there were old songs as well as modern ones in the memory. Customers could locate a song by artist or title.

Freddy was upstairs in his newly decorated office. The business was new, so there was still the lack of clients. Hunter had hoped the business would hit the ground running. However, he knew Freddy wasn’t a local and would need to build trust with those who were. His office above the Prickly Cactus would help.

Jenny was stressed. A few of the servers didn’t wish to stay after shootout at the bar. Hunter had attempted to reassure Jen that things would work out. The would quickly pick up others. Hunter placed the Help Wanted sign in the corner of the front door.

He had placed advertisements on the local station announcing the reopening. Free appetizers would be given to each table. He looked forward to the business this would generate the first evening.

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