What Is the Truth?

Charles shrugged. "Depends by who you mean 'all.' If you mean everyone in the Sanctuary, then no. I'm the only Grey, the rest are human. If you mean every alien masquerading as a human in Jackalope Crossing? Again, no. Some are different races. Last I checked, about a third of the people in the town are some sort of alien. And that's just the people who live here, that doesn't count the 'tourists' who pass through."

Charles knew that Jackson wasn't fully in the know regarding the state of things in Jackalope Crossing. The US Government, along with the rest of the world's governments, knew very little about the true situation Earth found itself in. But events were now in motion that would change all that.[\i]

A third? What drew these aliens to Jackalope Crossing? If it were the cult, Jackson thought they would be here. And, what exactly did Charles mean by “some sort of alien?”

Jackson always believed that if their were Greys out there, there was always the possibility of others. So others were here. How many? And what was their purpose? Many questions such as these swirled in Jackson’s brain.

Looking at Charles he brought forth the only logical question. “Are we in danger?”

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