The Truth Hurts

Jackson always believed that if their were Greys out there, there was always the possibility of others. So others were here. How many? And what was their purpose? Many questions such as these swirled in Jackson’s brain.

Looking at Charles he brought forth the only logical question. “Are we in danger?”

Charles nodded. "Oh most definitely. Your planet is quite the curiosity to the others. Some, however, want it for themselves. Take the Kakabel. They've got it in their tentacular heads that humans are vermin to be rid of." Charles shrugged. "Us Greys have been lobbying for your people for quite some time now. We love your planet, and are particularly fond of humans. However, the Kakabel are an up-tight lot. They think your genetic destiny has been altered, and want to wipe you out and reset you on the..." Charles said the next phrase with air quotes. "'Proper path.' Sadly, they're a bit higher up on the cosmic totem pole than us Greys. They ended up turning down our appeal. I swear, the bureaucracy of interstellar affairs is a nightmare."

He could tell Jackson was mortified.

"Oh, but don't assume we're taking this lying down." Charles assured him. "Things have been set in motion which, hopefully, will put a snag in the Kakabel's plans..."

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