The Kakabel

He could tell Jackson was mortified.

"Oh, but don't assume we're taking this lying down." Charles assured him. "Things have been set in motion which, hopefully, will put a snag in the Kakabel's plans..."

Kakabel? To Jackson, it sounded too close to kaka, which was exactly what this plan of theirs was. Total shit!

“I’ve known several of the Greys,” Jackson responded, “and have known you to be the peaceful beings you claim to be. I’ve never seen the Kakabel.”

This was another issue. If the US Military were to respond, how would they know who the aliens were. Just like Charles, they were able to conform to human likeness.

“How can we help?” Jackson asked, his hand over his forehead as he thought. “I’ll notify my team alert the Pentagon and head here. How will we be able to identify these Kakabel? What are their weaknesses? How can we fight someone with superior technology?”

The more Jackson thought of this scheme, the angrier he got. He realized that most humans, while not the pacifists the Greys were, desired a peaceful existence. It wasn’t right for these kaka beings to think otherwise. Most people were good and understanding with only a few rotten tomatoes. Jackson felt this was the case with most species, although he never met a Grey he didn’t like.

OOC: You’ve got Morgan Freeman’s way of talking down 😂. I can almost hear his voice as I read Charles’ lines.

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