Don't dig too greedily...

She looked back at him " more humans should be like you" deciding to change the subject she gave him a friendly smile amd pointed to a star brighter than the others " tell me what you call them...the planets" she knew their names but she wanted to hear what. NASA called them

Throughout the conversation Gus and Carson had eventually reached the trailer park Gus called home. As they approached his modest trailer Gus wondered what she meant when she said "more humans." But when she changed the subject he forgot about it for the moment.

"Well that's Venus. The second closest planet to the sun. Which is why it's so bright. But here, look..." Gus went over to his telescope situated next to some lawn chairs out on his front lawn. He scanned the stars until he found one he recognized. "That one!" He motioned for her to look through the telescope. "I remember studying this one. It doesn't have an official name, NASA just gives stars and their planets a sort of serial number made of numbers and letters. This one is P3X-1138. But I gave it a name so I could remember: Terrence."

"Hey...were did carson and the other guy get off to? Hes not like freak right? Shes safe with him?" she asked but quickly remembered what had happened just moments ago. " well i guess the real question is is he safe with her hu?"

Vargas felt a twinge of guilt upon thinking of Gus. He couldn't help but feel like he was betraying his best buddy. But the money... "Gus? He's good, man. He's a pacifist. Wouldn't hurt a fly. Your friend's in very good company." He reassured Rayne. "When this is over I'll drive you back to his place so you can pick her up." And upon hearing about her car troubles Vargas offered a her a ride to get her truck gassed up as well. "Least I can do, since we're... you know... accomplices and all." Vargas let out an uncomfortable chuckle at that.

Now came the somewhat tricky part: driving to the place they would get rid of the car and body. Vargas gave Hoffman directions to the place while Rayne followed them in the robber's car. They were soon driving down a winding dirt road deep into the desert. That was until Vargas announced they were here.

The Morton Mine was an abandoned silver mine that originally opened in 1863 when Matthew Morton, a spoiled rich kid from Boston, attempted to get into the big silver rush coming out of Nevada. Sadly no silver was ever found, and numerous workers ended up being killed in a series of bizarre accidents and not-so-bizarre cave-ins. Morton, in a fit of depression upon blowing the last of his family fortune, threw himself into the mine. It had remained abandoned ever since.

The entrance was a dusty hole in the side of a large hill held open by ancient beams of wood. Even as the group got out to finish their grizzly deed the wood creaked ominously. The first task was to back the car into the mine. Then, Vargas and Hoffman awkwardly carried the body of Leather Jacket and stuffed him into the car. Finally, Vargas and Hoffman pushed the car further into the mine until it began to roll back on its own, further into the dark catacombs.

They quickly ran back outside for fear of the whole mine caving in on them. They listened as the car crashed into something, no doubt some old elevator leading to a deep shaft, which caused a cave-in that echoed through the main chamber before fading into the night. A puff of dust erupted from the cave as a final climax to the whole affair. With that finally done, it was time return to the Gas-N-Go to finish cleaning the store and divvy up the four million dollars to each of them.

The ride back was uncomfortably silent...

(OOC: Feel free to have Vargas and Rayne join back up with Gus and Carson if you want. I don't think we need to cover the rest of the cover-up since it's fairly straightforward.)

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