Something Dark Is Coming

“How can we help?” Jackson asked, his hand over his forehead as he thought. “I’ll notify my team alert the Pentagon and head here. How will we be able to identify these Kakabel? What are their weaknesses? How can we fight someone with superior technology?”

"You can't fight them. Not with brute force, anyhow. It's not like in the movies where you can just upload a virus and take out the mothership with fighter jets." Charles chuckled at that. "Like I said, plenty of other races are interested in Earth and the well-being of mankind. So how do you fight someone with superior technology?" Charles went over and picked up a mug of tea and sipped from it with his tiny mouth. "Well you find someone higher on the totem pole to go to bat for you."

Charles could sense Jackson's frustration and anger. No doubt as a military man he preferred to take action to solve problems. It wasn't a bad thing, despite how men like Jackson were characterized in aforementioned movies, taking action and being prepared with a military defense wasn't a primitive reaction. Despite being a pacifist, Charles wasn't a fool. Military might was just a sad necessity in this harsh world. But sending in the tanks and jets wouldn't be needed if things went as Charles hoped they would.

"That being said, I do believe we will need your help in the coming struggle." He turned to Jackson again. "I fear the Kakabel are aware of what we're doing. And they will send agents to make sure their plans aren't ruined. You say you have a team, Mr. Sawyer, call them and tell them that the town of Jackalope Crossing is about to become the site of the most important battle in the history of mankind."

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