Red Alert

”That being said, I do believe we will need your help in the coming struggle." He turned to Jackson again. "I fear the Kakabel are aware of what we're doing. And they will send agents to make sure their plans aren't ruined. You say you have a team, Mr. Sawyer, call them and tell them that the town of Jackalope Crossing is about to become the site of the most important battle in the history of mankind."

“Shit!” the heaviness of what Charles said was beginning to hit Jackson Sawyer. “You can count on me and my team.”

Jackson hurried to his rental car. He quickly took off his jacket and put his shoulder holster with the handgun. Of course, Jackson wasn’t sure what kind of damage a .38 would do to an alien.

The next thing he did was send a text to his team: Top Secret Red Alert Jackalope Crossing, Nevada. Meet me at the Prickly Cactus.
He figured Hunter would be out of the hospital by the time the team would arrive.

Hunter drove the rental back to town as if he were being chased. There seemed to be an urgency to the situation, but he knew his team wouldn’t be there by the time he would arrive in Jackalope Crossing.

When he arrived in town, Jackson drove directly to his hotel. He decided to await his team before going to the Prickly Cactus. Jackson went into his room, opened a bottle of scotch, and took a swig straight from the bottle. This was the chance for which he and his team had been awaiting. Now that it was here, Jackson wondered what little they could do to save the people of earth.

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