The Truth Is Out There

When he reached the Prickly Cactus he sank into a bar stool and looked to Hunter with a look like he'd seen The Devil himself.

"Get me the strongest drink you have..."

Freddy may not have figured out what happened to Nate, but now he was getting the distinct impression that whatever had happened, it wasn't going to be a simple explanation...

Hunter took a long look at Freddy. He’d only known him for a short period of time. In that time, he had never seen Falcone with this look. Even in the gunfight, Freddy had seemed calm and business like.

The strongest drink Hunter had in stock was Balkan, a Scandinavian vodka at 88% alcohol. It was colorless, odorless, and tasteless, which is why many people had died drinking it. He’d have to monitor Freddy’s intake.

Turning to get the bottle, Hunter inquired, “What the hell happened to you? You didn’t look like this when someone was trying to kill you.”

He poured a shot and set it down for Freddy. “Easy on this stuff,” Sawyer joked. “A few of these, I’ll be seeing you in the morgue.”

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