Stranger Things

Turning to get the bottle, Hunter inquired, “What the hell happened to you? You didn’t look like this when someone was trying to kill you.”

He poured a shot and set it down for Freddy. “Easy on this stuff,” Sawyer joked. “A few of these, I’ll be seeing you in the morgue.”

Freddy nodded before downing the shot. "I told you about the personal case that drove me to start this little detective business, right? About my friend, Johnny's, son?"

"Well," Freddy said before downing another shot. "I went to the place he died. Mt. Charleston. Well... something strange happened when I was out there... Something I can't explain." He felt the back of his neck after he suddenly realized it was somewhat tender. He realized he was sporting a minor sunburn. "Goddamn..."

He then proceeded to tell Hunter the entire story of what happened on that mountain.

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