Three Strangers

"Well," Freddy said before downing another shot. "I went to the place he died. Mt. Charleston. Well... something strange happened when I was out there... Something I can't explain." He felt the back of his neck after he suddenly realized it was somewhat tender. He realized he was sporting a minor sunburn. "Goddamn..."

He then proceeded to tell Hunter the entire story of what happened on that mountain.

Hunter had heard strange stories such as this, but didn’t think any of them credible. Most of the stories he had heard about strange lights outside of town came from Dirty Dan. Most people considered him not to be playing with a full deck. But now, he was hearing it from someone whom Hunter had grown to trust.

Sawyer shook his head and was about to respond when the front door opening drew his attention from his current conversation. A beautiful Asian lady walked in dressed in a flowery silk dress. Obviously, she was a stranger, very overdressed for Jackalope Crossing.

The lady looked over the inside, noticed the only others were the two at the bar. She fidgeted with her phone as if sending a text and walked to the table in the corner.

Shortly after, a red younger red headed man walked in, followed shortly by an African-American man. These two men were also well dressed. They also walked to the same corner table and took a seat.

“Hold that thought a moment, Freddy,” Hunter apologetically responded. Hunter left from behind the bar and approached the three strangers.

“Good afternoon!” Sawyer exclaimed to the threesome. “Welcome to the Prickly Cactus! How may I be of service?”

It was the oriental lady that spoke, “I’ll have a gin and tonic. These two will take drafts. And bring a scotch and soda with them. We’re meeting someone.”

Meeting someone? The last time Hunter had heard this statement was just before the Prickly Cactus had been shot up.

Hunter nodded to the lady, quickly turned and headed back to behind the bar. As he made the drinks, he signaled Falcone to be alert.

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