Enter The Falcon

The following events take place the morning after Antonio Vargas, Rayne Lee, and Heff Hoffman disposed of the remains of Kenny Bishop's partner and their getaway car in the Morton Mine.

It was early in the morning and Freddy was nursing a major hangover from the previous night. However, when Johnny called he was always there hangover or no. Freddy saw Johnny as the older brother he never had. It was because of him that Freddy got to live it so well after years of being a nobody. Being the best right-hand-man to the boss was the least he could do for him. So when he waltzed into Johnny Castagnacci's garish office overlooking an even more garish casino he did it as if the constant noises from the casino hadn't just jackhammered his skull into oblivion. Instead, he behaved as if nothing was wrong at all.

"Freddy, my man!" Johnny motioned for him to come closer. "Just the man I need to see."

"Whatcha need, Johnny? You said it was urgent?" Freddy straightened out his suit lapels and prayed the goddamn asprin would kick in.

"We've got a problem, my old friend. Someone's made off with four mill of my hard-earned money." Johnny flexed his fingers as if her were already strangling the assholes who did it.

"Who'd be stupid enough to do that?" Freddy asked.

"Got a girl who works at the casino who said it was a card boy who did it. Kenny Bishop. Know 'im?"

Freddy thought for a moment. "Yeah, bald guy, always wearing a stupid baseball cap."

"The girl also said he had an accomplice. I pulled some parking lot footage from outside that shows them in an old red beater and looks like they were headed south towards that podunk town... Jackrabbit whatever... "

"Jackalope Crossing..." Freddy frowned. "Betting they're trying to make it down south?"

"Or lie low. I want you to go and dig up what you can find." Johnny leaned back in his chair. "When you find them. Take care of em quick. No mess. Just get my money back."

"You got it, buddy. No problem. Freddy Falcone's on the case!"

"I trust you, Freddy. I know you won't let me down."

When Freddy left the casino and hopped in his car he was already dreading the drive down to Jackalope Crossing. He hated the town. It was full of weirdos. The kind of people who couldn't find normal homes in normal places. But it was good for running drugs through, but Johnny didn't like drugs so the other gangs had claim on it. That was another problem, but hopefully they'd tow the line out of respect for the Castagnaccis and let him do his thing. Freddy knew he had to move fast if he was going to find this Kenny guy and his dumbass accomplice.

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