Take That!

Gus cursed and looked back at the bar as Mr. White stepped out.

"You won't be leaving." Mr. White muttered as he fired at the group with a ball of bright green plasma.

Hunter was looking at the shotgun in his hands. Things happened so quickly, he didn’t have time to reload. Of course, it didn’t do much damage anyhow. At this point, Hunter didn’t know of anything that would harm this thing.

Jackson was concerned for Kelli at this point. He ran and got between her and the green blob heading toward them, providing cover. At least she may survive.

“I hope you’ve got something up you’re sleeve,” Billy yelled over his shoulder to where he thought Daniel was. They had served in the military together and trusted each other’s specialties.

But Daniel wasn’t there. As everyone ran out the back door, Daniel had peeled away from them and ran to his rental, opening the trunk as he approached. The very second Billy has thought he was talking to him, Daniel was already lifting a grenade launcher from the trunk. He aimed at Mr. White and launched a grenade.

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