Enjoy The Fireworks

Carson turned and saw the olasma headed for them she threw up her hands as if to catch it but threw up a shield in stead. "ugh!" the force of it hit her like a car and she felt it vibrate threw her. She gritted her teeth to focas past the pain and with a grunt sent a larg blue ball of her own back at him.

As everyone ran out the back door, Daniel had peeled away from them and ran to his rental, opening the trunk as he approached. The very second Billy has thought he was talking to him, Daniel was already lifting a grenade launcher from the trunk. He aimed at Mr. White and launched a grenade.

"we have to move!" she shouted. Rayne covered her ears as the gernade a guy threw went off.. she could see carson was in pain and looked at gus. "shes using to mutch energy!"

The grenade round exploded and engulfed Mr. White in flames. When they subsided what remained was a mound of writhing tentacles which seemed to be in some form of disarray due to the explosions, buying the group time to flee.

"Let's get the hell outta here," Freddy said. Then he looked to Daniel. "Good job there James Bond!"

Gus went to Carson. "Hey, you alright? You're looking a bit out of it."

(Carson can reply here)

"Well dial it back, we're gonna need you if we're ever gonna get out of this mess."

"Over there!" Freddy pointed to a large moving van parked on the street opposite of the bar. "Should carry all of us." Freddy looked to Daniel and the other feds, "Mind covering me while I hotwire the heap?" He ran to the van and hopped in.

"Any idea where the hell we're going?" Gus asked.

"We're gonna need some serious firepower to tackle that son-of-a-bitch." Freddy explained. "And there's only one place in this podunk town I know where we can get the sort of firepower to end this beast for good..."

Gus thought for a moment then looked at Freddy like he was crazy. "You got to be kidding..."


Trip Preacher's residence had been cordoned off by the Sheriff's office and the Department of Homeland Security after it had been determined that the minefield the wacko had put up around his property was too well placed to properly remove without an extensive explosives removal operation.

Much to the frustration of the local authorities, DHS declared the land unsafe and blocked it off rather than spend the money and man hours removing landmines from a lunatic's front yard.

It also meant that most, if not all of the arms Preacher had stockpiled over the years was still there.


"You're insane." Gus told Freddy.

"Got a better idea?" Freddy asked as he finally got the van started.

"Guess not," Gus shrugged.

As the group had been waiting for Freddy to start the van Mr. White had reformed and was now approaching them...

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