Taking Flight

"You're insane." Gus told Freddy.

"Got a better idea?" Freddy asked as he finally got the van started.

"Guess not," Gus shrugged.

As the group had been waiting for Freddy to start the van Mr. White had reformed and was now approaching them...

Insane or not, Coop knew they needed to get out of here. “Cover fire? What the hell?” He shook his head. “A grenade didn’t take that thing out.”

Billy pulled out his .38, knowing whatever cover fire they provided, would only slow down the creature. He always believed there was other intelligence in the universe. Now he knew.

Kelli’s eyes met Jackson’s, silently thanking him for attempting to sacrifice himself. She pulled a gun out of a small purse she carried. Jackson, likewise took aim, his gun still in his hand.

Daniel followed Freddy’s cue. He liked the man already. He nodded, pumped and fired another grenade. If he could keep this thing busy enough, they could escape while the creature continually tried to reform.

Hunter saw the predicament of the young girl. At least she looked like a girl. She didn’t seem interested in stopping, despite weakening. He dropped the shelless shotgun. Hunter swooped Carson up with a strong arm, placing the other around Rayne. “Let’s go girls!” he exclaimed as he led them toward the van. Turning to Gus, Hunter shouted, “You coming?”

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